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Complete Episodes!
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The Complete Episode's Guide to South Park
Episode Date Aired Description
The Frosty Video" Never aired Series pre-pilot. Frosty goes on the rampage.
The Spirit of Christmas Never aired Series "pilot" (of sorts). Jesus fights Santa Claus.
Pilot Never aired Actual series pilot. Similar to, but not exactly, Cartman Gets An Anal Probe
Episode 101: Cartman Gets an Anal Probe August 13, 1997 Series premiere. Cartman and Ike get abducted by aliens.
Episode 102: Weight Gain 4000 August 20, 1997 Cartman wins an Essay contest, and Kathy Lee Gifford comes to town.
Episode 103: Volcano August 27, 1997 The boys go hunting as a volcano erupts.
Episode 104: Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride September 3, 1997 Stan's dog runs away, as the kids play football against the Cowboys
Episode 105: An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig September 10, 1997 The boys try their hand at genetic engineering.
Episode 106: Death September 17, 1997 Stan's Grandpa tries to have Stan to kill him, as his parents try to get a TV show taken off the air.
Episode 107: Pink Eye October 29, 1997 Halloween is tainted by a mass pinkeye infection.
Episode 108: Damien February 4, 1998 Satan returns from hell for the final showdown, and sends his son to South Park Elementary.
A Mother's Courage October 30, 1997 'Net-only short. The boys carve a pumpkin for Halloween.
Episode 109: Starvin Marvin November 19, 1997 The boys get a brand new Ethernopian.
Jay Leno Short November 20, 1997 Jay Leno comes to South Park to talk about Thanksgiving.
Oh Holy Night December 15, 1997 Commercial short. Cartman sings Oh Holy Night
Little Town of Bethlehem December 15, 1997 Commercial short. Ned sings Little Town of Bethlehem
Episode 110: The Chritmas Special December 17, 1997 Mr. Hankey comes to visit South Park.
Episode 111: Tom's Rhinoplasty February 11, 1998 Mr. Garrison gets a nosejob, and the kids get a substitute teacher.
Episode 112: Mecha Streisand February 18, 1998 The boys find a magical pyramid, thus causing the final battle between good and evil.
Episode 113: DirtySlut Part 1 February 25, 1998 Cartman tries to find his father.
Episode 201: Not Without My Anus April 1, 1998 Terrence and Phillip save Canada, and annoy the entire American viewing public by their mere existance
Episode 202: Dirty Slut Part 2 April 22, 1998 Cartman finds his father during a terrible snowstorm.
Episode 203:Chicken Lover May 27, 1998 The town is terrorirized as Barbrady reveals his terrible secret.Cartman becomes a cop with a club.
Episode 204: Ike's Briss May 20, 1998 Kyle finds new information about his brother.
Episode 205:Conjoined Fetus Lady/Dodgeball June 3, 1998 South Park Elementary learns to play dodgeball.
Episode 206: Staring Frog of Southpark Sri Lanka June 10, 1998 A terrible frog stalks Jimbo and Ned.
Episode 207: Flashbacks June 17, 1998 The boys are trapped on a bus by a Shadow.
Episode 208: Summer Sucks! June 23, 1998 (maybe) A Giant Fireworks Snake overtakes South Park and Cartman takes swimming lessons.
Episode 209: Chef's Salty Chocolate Balls! August 19, 1998 Mr. Hankey returns and saves the town from a film festival. Chef helps out with his big chocolate balls.
Episode 210: Chicken Pox! August 26, 1998 Chicken Pox infests SouthPark.
Episode 211: Roger Ebert Should Lay Off the Fatty Foods September 2, 1998 Roger Ebert or Something about Fatty Foods and Cartman Sings.
Episode 212: Clubhouses September 23,1998 Description Later....
Episode 213: Cowdays September 30, 1998 Cows commit suicide and cartman is a prostitute.
Episode 214: Chef Aid! October 7,1998 Rock and Roll Stars come together to help Chef pay his lawyer bills.
Halloween Special! October 28, 1998 Evil Hellicool Cartman invades from another universe!
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